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Yes. We are obligated to act in your best interest always.

We are a Fee-Only firm. This means we are only paid by you, the client. No commissions, kickbacks, 12b-1 fees, or hidden expenses. Please see our posted fee schedule for details.

Our “Goals Exchange” matrix allows clients to map their priorities. Perhaps they can leave a larger estate or retire earlier. This maps goal priorities relative to each other and relative to the risk required to have confidence in exceeding them.

Clients today are informed and expect their financial advisor to act in their best interests. The GDX360 platform promotes fiduciary responsibility and strengthens compliance. It puts your best interests first.

Wealthcare’s patented process is designed to help you reach your life goals, while minimizing unnecessary investment risk or needlessly sacrificing your life now.

Our process is dynamic and continual, as is life, and it will guide you through the entirety of your financial life.

Congratulations. Understanding the need to work with a financial professional is a major step to accomplishing your financial goals. If you feel that you are in need of a fresh set of eyes on your circumstances or if you are no longer receiving the level of service you deserve, we would be more than happy to engage in a conversation. We may simply confirm you are in good shape or we may be able to point out some opportunities for improvement. Either way, it can never hurt to get a second opinion.

Yes. With the evolution of ESG investing (Environmental, Social, Governance) we have the ability to build a robust portfolio that can meet these criteria. We understand the importance of aligning your investments with not only your life goals but also your life values.

Comfort Zone is a virtual display of your progress toward your life goals.Goals are not fixed data points. With this in mind, GDX360 is designed to capture each individual’s life goals, assets, risk profile and investment choices.

It enables you to define “Ideal” and “Acceptable” levels for their goals. These represent what you want, “Ideal”, compared to what you’ll accept, “Acceptable”.

Comfort Zone gives you an interactive, visual representation of how you’re tracking toward the goals you’ve established.

Many firms manage portfolios at the account level. For a household with multiple accounts, account-level rebalancing requires more trades, as each account is traded to reset the account’s allocation. More trades = more costs.

Not Wealthcare. We manage portfolios at the household level. This gives us greater flexibility when it comes to trading and rebalancing because it provides us with the opportunity to lower trading costs and reduce tax impact.

GDX360 focuses on tax efficiency for our clients. We look to cut trading costs, fees and taxes using asset location and other smart tax strategies, along with household-level portfolio management. You get the possibility of fewer positions, lower trading costs, reduced taxes and advanced tax strategies that can improve after-tax wealth.


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