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The Ideal Client

While we will work with any potential client who is serious about planning for their retirement, our experience over the years serving several institutions has led us to become experts with clients working in Higher Education and the Medical profession. Many of our clients haven’t managed their finances for quite a while or need help building a meaningful plan that aligns with their life goals. We provide guidance, education, and expertise so that after our first few planning sessions, you will feel informed, confident, and reassured as you enter the next phase of your life.

Tax Planning

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are the backbone of our healthcare system. Tireless dedication to your career leaves little time to plan for your retirement and other financial goals. We work with professionals from many of the larger health systems in the local area and are familiar with their retirement plans and other benefit options. Most seasoned medical professionals have similar financial concerns: Tax planning for greater efficiency, organization of personal finances, income planning in retirement, and charitable causes to name a few. Whatever challenges you face, rest assured that proper planning can address most financial obstacles and put you in a better position to reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

Higher Education

You have dedicated a lifetime to your area of expertise. Many Higher Ed professionals we work with have spent most of the career in one discipline, and many times, serving one institution. Whether it’s in the classroom, conducting research, or running your department, your work ethic serves the greater good of students and institutions but can sometimes be a detriment to one’s personal financial planning. We have helped countless professors and administrators transition to retirement life after a long tenured career. Approaching the retirement runway can lead to anxiety, nervousness, and excitement all at once. Planning this stage of your life is critical for your long-term financial success and we are experts at navigating the course. We have intimate knowledge of most institutions’ retirement plan benefits and the options you will have when decision time is near. Creating a plan that allows our clients to seamlessly transition from a career of campus life to their next phase is what we do best.

Family Life Goals


Are you raising a family while balancing a demanding career? So are we. As family members and parents, we understand fully well the challenges of planning ahead for college, retirement or other financial goals all while raising a family and trying to enjoy life at the present moment. You may be just hitting your stride financially, and now need some advice and planning to get on a glidepath so you can meet your all-important life goals. Getting organized, staying focused, and being held accountable are all part of the planning process at this phase of life. Our accumulator clients are at ease knowing they are on track.


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