1Q 2024 market summary

March 2024 Market Recap Stocks continued to surge in March with all three major indexes setting new record highs. Strong…

Revisiting the “Smooth-Ride”

The Challenge The idea of so‐called Smooth‐Ride strategies is to deliver competitive long‐run returns relative to fixed‐mixed allocations but with…

2023 1st Quarter Market Commentary

04/05/2023 Stocks retreated in March as investor confidence sank following a handful of major shakeups in the banking sector. These…

2022 3rd Quarter Market Newsletter

Armageddon…NOT! 10/06/2022   This quarter, NASA’s DART program successfully redirected an asteroid setting the stage to protect the earth from…

What is Tax-Loss Harvesting?

Tax-loss harvesting is a strategy that is designed to effectively use losses in your non-retirement portfolio to increase the overall tax efficiency of your financial plan.

Creating Generational Wealth that Lasts

Generational wealth is often cited as an advantage to help people get ahead, whether it’s a home, business, or investment assets passed down. But did you know 7 in 10 families lose their wealth within one generation, and 9 in 10 families lose their wealth within two?

403(b) vs. 401(k) Benefits: What You Absolutely Need to Know

Retirement plans offer great benefits, but they are not created equal. Until the 1980s, most employees could count on “defined benefit” (DB) pensions. That all changed with the advent of the 401(k) and other “defined contribution” (DC) plans.


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